We understand the many challenges and questions that come with creating a new website, and we founded WaterStudeo to help make that process as comfortable, transparent and efficient as possible.




    Before an agreement is reached, we'll sit down to talk. A website is no good if it doesn't align with your business goals and objectives.


    Based on your needs, we'll outline a project plan and proposal.


    We'll work with you to identify design elements, trends and looks that you'd like your site to include.


    Using best-in-class, professional WordPress themes, we'll build and configure your website.


    We'll test your website on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explore to ensure it's ready for the world!

Every project is unique.


In order to provide an accurate estimate, we require an initial meeting to discuss your goals and needs.


Prior to learning how to design and build websites, we were marketing professionals, project managers and small business owners. We’ve been oversold, overcharged, and overwhelmed and, ultimately, we all deserve better.


We created WaterStudeo to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical people, and we’re here to help our clients create awesome, mobile-responsive websites without breaking the bank.


The more familiar you are with our process, the better your experience will be!

Initial Discussion

Before we draft a proposal, we require an in-person meeting or phone call with key decision makers. This will help us understand your company’s goals and objectives, as well target audiences and stakeholders. It’ll also give us a chance to learn more about the brand and the content you’ll be promoting through your website. Our goal is to leave the meeting with a mutual understanding of goals and expectations.

Proposal and Agreement

After our initial discussion, we’ll submit a formal proposal, which will outline deliverables, timeline, and the total project fee.

Domain and Hosting

You have a number of options when it comes to domain registration and website hosting, and the pricing for each can vary greatly.


As part of your project, we provide up to an hour of support to help configure your domain. Should you need additional support, like transferring a domain from one registrar to another, we’re available to help for an additional fee.


Should your budget allow it, we recommend using WP-Engine for hosting. Based in Austin, TX., WP-Engine will ensure your website loads quickly and that its data is secure. It also provides regular back-ups and support with WordPress and Theme updates. Should you need support, they’re also available 24/7. Most WP-Engine accounts will cost $30/month.


If WP-Engine doesn’t work with your budget, we can chat about alternative solutions.

WordPress Installation

Once we’ve made a decision about hosting, we will create a staging environment and install WordPress. This will set us up to purchase and install a WordPress theme and begin working on your website!

Selecting a Theme

There are thousands of WordPress themes available. Each theme offers unique design features and layouts, and certain themes are compatible with certain plugins. Selecting the right theme for your business is among the most important tasks we’ll do!


To ensure that we purchase and install the right WordPress theme for your business, we will review and confirm your target audiences and business objectives, look at websites you like, and evaluate your brand’s style and design aesthetic.


From there, we will purchase and install your professional WordPress theme.

Theme Configuration

With the theme installed, we’re ready to get into the fun stuff!


To ensure your theme aligns with your brand’s style, we will configure your theme’s colors, fonts, font sizes, graphics, icons and general layout. We’ll also install plugins to help with things like search engine optimization, contact forms, and photo galleries.

Content Entry

With the theme and plugins in place, we’re ready to enter and format the content for your website. Generally, this consists of adding headers, text and photos.

Quality Assurance and Launch

Prior to launching your website, our team will provide thorough quality assurance to ensure that its working appropriately on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and newer version of Internet Explorer. We’ll also take time to make sure that your website looks and functions appropriately on mobile phones and tablets.


Once confirmed, we’re coordinate the launch of the website with you!

WordPress Training and Support

Once the site is live, we will schedule a one-to-two hour meeting with you and your team to walk through the WordPress admin tools so that you know how to edit your website.


Should you or your team need additional training, we’re available for a separate support contract.



Our focus is on small-to-mid-size businesses and agencies, who need reliable, easy-to-use websites that won’t break the bank or take months to design and build.


To avoid the big price tag and lengthy development process that comes with a custom website solution, we create our websites using WordPress, a popular content management system.


By using WordPress, we’re able to utilize best-in-class, pre-made themes and plugins to save you time and money on design and development. Don’t worry, we’re able to configure and customize each theme to ensure that it aligns with your brand and design aesthetic.


If you require a fully custom solution, we’d be happy to provide recommendations on other agencies and developers, who will be able to help you.


It’s not just for bloggers.


WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. More than 20% of the websites on the Internet use WordPress, including major brands like the NFL, TIME, CNN and UPS.


WordPress is also a powerful Content Management System, which makes managing your website’s content easy and sustainable.


We provide a two-hour training to our clients to ensure they know how to edit their website’s content using WordPress. Don’t worry, if you need more time, we’re happy to help!


Did you know there are more than 318 million Americans using the Internet?


Today, more than at any point in our history, people are using the Internet to to socialize, research, shop, browse, and review, and it’s critical that your business is well represented online. Your website creates an important first impression for many prospective clients, and it’s important that the quality of your website aligns with the quality of your business.


More and more people are also browsing the Internet on their mobile phones and tablets, a trend that is problematic for many businesses with old websites. Did you know that Google will penalize you for not having a mobile-friendly website? That’s right. Websites that aren’t designed to scale to a mobile phone or a tablet, will not perform as well as those that do in Google searches.


To put it bluntly, websites created five to ten years ago simply can’t compete with professional websites created today. Today’s Internet users today are more technically savvy and expect a baseline level of quality and responsiveness in the websites they visit.
We’d be happy to help you get yours up-to-speed.


  • Copywriting

  • Need help creating or editing your website’s copy? No problem!
  • Social Media

  • We can help you get setup on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!
  • SEO

  • We can help optimize your website so that it performs well in searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing and more!


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